Using Abeka Curriculum As Your Preferred Homeschooling Curriculum

Homeschooling is considered as a useful technique to improve the educational efficiency of your child. It is very important to keep the student connected with the books, even after the school. Homeschooling not only helps to lay a sound foundation but also helps to strengthen the concepts of the student for the rest of his academic life. Among the various homeschooling curriculums, Abeka has its own distinct position. The curriculum supports the Christian homeschooling method and has been developed by the real classroom experience for about 50 years, at the Pensacola Christian Academy.

Abeka curriculum, from kindergarten to the higher grades, focuses on accelerated and advanced learning. The Abeka homeschooling curriculum helps you to teach many things in advance. It is quite useful for intelligent students with high picking pace, but at the same time, this feature can be overwhelming for some other students and parents.

Abeka curriculum offers different choices including DVDs, parent directed education and textbook materials. The different teaching choices help to keep the education lively and interesting through games, charts and videos. It covers different subjects including math, phonics, literature, science and history.

Abeka curriculum, from preschool to twelfth standard, presents a well-organized and systematic learning program. The textbooks contain lesson plan in the start of every chapter. It is a user-friendly curriculum as each textbook contains a teacher manual. The manual helps to teach the correct thing in the correct style and direction.

Moreover, the textbooks also contain some Christian material including biblical verses and principles. Especially, the math and the science curriculums are taught with the biblical point of view. Thus, you can instil the noble values right from the childhood. It is best for those parents who want to enlighten their children with Christianity teachings and truths.

Phonics in the Abeka homeschooling program emphasizes on the reading skill of your child. It concentrates on the pronunciation of the words and helps to make them good readers. Additionally, different workbooks are also included in the Abeka curriculum. The workbook exercises give much writing practice to the child. The separate handwriting curriculum at the fifth standard tends to teach cursive handwriting. It also offers other writing options such as ball and stick including the pre-cursive print.

Using the Abeka curriculum, you can help your children in memorizing different things easily. The workbooks repeat the concepts so often that children really benefit from these reviews. You do not need to force them to learn everything. By its repeating exercises, the child learns almost everything at the end of the curriculum. Moreover, the editions are subjected to revision so that you can benefit from the latest knowledge and concepts.

The complete Abeka curriculum contains all the materials required for the entire year. It also includes items for arts and crafts. The books attract the attention of children through attractive patterns and colours. The curriculum keeps the children occupied till the last page. Using Abeka curriculum, you can also assess their progress, time to time. Thus, Abeka is a comprehensive curriculum that provides both balance as well as enlightenment.